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Your First Visit

Please download, print & complete the intake form before our initial appointment and bring it with you to the visit.

Welcome to Motion Lab Chiropractic. A chiropractic and rehabilitation clinic with a unique approach to getting you back in motion and back to the active lifestyle you enjoy.

Whether you are here for general well-being, improved performance, or a specific health concern, this is what you can anticipate on this hour-long visit:


Dress for motion. Our goal on this visit will be to uncover where you move well and where you do not. Wear clothing that allows for freedom of movement.

Download and complete the New Patient Health History form. Filling out paperwork can feel tedious at times. A thorough medical history is an important part of understanding all aspects of your health picture and offers insight into your current condition. Filling out the paperwork in advance allows you to take your time and thoughtfully consider your answers and reference documentation for forgotten details. It also saves time so we can get to work addressing your concerns and health goals.

Download paperwork here, complete it, and bring it to your appointment.


Our consultation is your time to tell me in your own words about your health concerns, your specific health goals, and any questions you might have.


This is the part of the initial visit where we both will confirm that you are in the right place to address your health goals. We will analyze all aspects of the musculoskeletal system by assessing your posture, range of motion, muscle strength and flexibility, orthopedic and neurological testing, as well as functional movement evaluation. A determination on the need for medical imaging may be made at this time as well.


Dr. Mortenson will review the findings of your evaluation and determine if your condition would benefit from the type of care offered at Motion Lab Chiropractic. We will address how we can help, how long treatment may take to reach your specific goals, and how much treatment will cost. We will begin the discussions on lifestyle modifications, home care, and get you started on home exercises.


If you choose to do so, we may begin treatment that day as well. Dr. Mortenson will answer any questions about treatment options and work with you to find the most comfortable method of care for your needs. For more information on the treatment methods utilized, visit the Chiropractic Services page of this site.